This API documentation is a work in progress. Please send feedback about errors or omissions to [email protected].
There are inconsistencies in the API that will be fixed in a future release, chiefly regarding the encoding of data passed to POST and PUT requests. Some requests use application/json (preferred) while others use application/x-www-form-urlencoded. Inspect our OpenAPI 3.0 API specification to find the right encoding.
Deep logic networks created using our eXvisory dev visual web editor are automatically compiled to executable Java 'engine' code, which is then hosted within our cloud architecture. This executable deep logic can then be accessed via the REST API documented below, so you can embed eXvisory deep logic within your own chatbot application.


  • Data model - the entities referred to by the REST API.
  • Authentication - how to authenticate requests to the eXvisory REST API.
  • Operations - the REST API endpoints.


Download an OpenAPI 3.0 specification for the eXvisory REST API.
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