Data model

The eXvisory REST API has a simple data model.
  • User - the end user of the chatbot (currently authenticated using Google Sign-In for Websites).
  • App - your deep logic network, created using the eXvisory dev visual web editor.
  • Session - a single chatbot conversation (for a given app and user).
  • Message - the individual messages that comprise a chat session. There are four kinds of messages:
    • Question - a question asked as a result of a Query test being evaluated.
    • Answer - the answer to a question.
    • Info - informational messages generated as Rules are evaluated.
    • Fault - the end result of inference, e.g. a fault diagnosis.
  • Role - the access rights a user has for an app, e.g. whether they can use the app to create chatbot sessions, or view or edit the app using eXvisory dev.
Last modified 9mo ago