How do I?

Backup a deep logic network

The configuration of your eXvisory deep logic network is contained in a JSON source file, which you can download from your eXvisory dev instance as often as you like. Keep these JSON source files in a version control system like Git so you can use diff and merge tools to cooperate with other developers.
Use the Admin > Download > JSON menu to download your JSON source.

Restore a backup

See How do I backup my deep logic network? You can download and upload versions of your deep logic network from/to your eXvisory dev instance as often as you like.
Use the Admin > Upload > JSON menu to upload a (previously downloaded) JSON source.

Undo edits

The eXvisory dev editor is very powerful and enables you to make sweeping changes to your deep logic network - for example by using the JSON editor to delete a fault group, containing hundreds of sub-faults (and logic rules), or using drag and drop in the visual editor to re-parent or re-order fault groups. But sometimes you will want to undo these changes.
Use the Admin > History menu to list previous versions of your deep logic network. This history list is updated every time you Save your network. Select the version to which you wish to revert. Reverting to an older version creates a new version (copied from the old version) and adds it to the top of the list.
eXvisory dev only keeps a history of the last 20 saves (network versions), so you still need to do regular backups. Also, each time you revert to a previous version you lose the oldest version from the history (as the reverted version is added to the top of the list).
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